We talk with three Connecticut journalists about how they are covering the state's political and pandemic landscape after the unprecedented 2020 election season.
Also, the worsening COVID-19 situation, Trump's refusal to concede and tips for better conversations about politics.
UConn Journalism
Joe Biden was declared President-elect by the Associated Press on Nov. 7, when Pennsylvania reported their ballot count. Even though Biden has won 290 …
Allison O'Donnell
Advice on how to better handle conversations about politics and #Election2020 this Thanksgiving.
Mike Mavredakis
Do you think the federal government should help students pay off their college loan debt?
Ashley Anglisano
Here’s a rundown of how Connecticut and UConn are dealing with the increase of cases, how the pandemic is affecting young people, and the hopes of a vi…
Ben Crnic
President-elect Joe Biden has proposed an expansive education agenda, Dr. Jill Biden will continue her role as a community college professor while in t…
Fiona Brady
Also, all eyes on Georgia to decide control of the Senate, the first woman vice president-elect, what's on Connecticut lawmakers' agenda, and would you…
UConn Journalism
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